About Us / How it Works

We make small batch, hand-whipped body butters and natural skincare products that feature therapeutic grade essential oils, all natural butters and plant extracts.

Why fresh butter? It all started when my son was born and we decided to "get the chemicals out" of the skincare and soap products we used. We thought - why would you put chemicals on your body if you don’t want them in your food? We wanted to be sure the products we used on our skin were made as fresh and pure as the food for our tummies. 

If you’ve never tried fresh body butter, it’s a must. It has a whipped cream like texture. It’s fluffy. It smells wonderful. It melts as soon as it touches your warm skin. Simply put, when body butter is whipped fresh it is unlike anything you can buy in a store.

Last summer my son, Dorian opened his "shop" at our local farmers market in Colorado. He met and shook hands with our neighbors and made new friends while telling them about the body butter we make in our kitchen. Since then we faithfully make our recipes once a month for a handful of friends and others who love it. Over time our recipe list grew. So did the list of friends that wanted it. 

During the first week of the month we make the butters that fill the orders that are placed on this site. The butters are best when they are delivered locally in Dallas, TX. But we can make arrangements for shipping if you live outside the city - especially during the fall and winter. The butters are the only product that require special handling because they melt so easily. The other products are simple to pop in a box and send your way.

You are welcome to join our little circle of fresh butter addicts. Please call if you have any questions and we will figure out the best way to get you your body butters!

xo - Megan & Dorian